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Custom Packaging

How to start IML Customised Packaging with Us?

How to start IML Customised Packaging with Us?

Giving Your Idea Shape

01 Giving Your Idea Shape

We have the professional R&D team to develop the IML packaging you need,assist you with your project is by taking a basic concept and moving it through the most formative stages of development. During the initial phase, our packaging professionals gather key information and share our experience so you can benefit from our insights . Our desinger could make your ideas come true with 3D drawings.

Building Your Prototype

02 Building Your Prototype

In order to share a workable concept and a solid product, we’ll provide the 3D printing prototype samples. so you could touch and feel your own design packagings for the first time. You can take this prototype with you when submitting your appeals for funding. This will also serve as the basis of your patent.

We Offer Excellent Quality, Exceptional IML Packaging Design, And Attentive Manufacture Service

IML Customised solutions

03 IML Customised solutions

Once the design is approval, we’ll work out trial mold samples to make the necessary adjustments to ensure optimize the emotinal charateristics of your packaging solutions if need.We can produce an initial run of packaging by small batch QTY to verify the required tests prior to industrial mass production, such as fitting, packaging, sealing, thermal and sterilisation process tests. All designs must be fault free.

Finalized industrial mold

04 Finalized industrial mold

Once the trial mold initial test samples all process verified no problem, we’ll finalized the industrial mold. We’re always looking for ways in which packagings can function better, cost less to manufacture and solve more problems. Finding the best way to optimize the value of your bright idea. Through each phase of the design and production processes, we will help you perfect your design and create a seamless and efficient product that will be easy to market. To make a difference and achieve success on the supermarket shelves!

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