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Standard Packaging

Standard Packaging

Honokage IML Containers

IML Packaging Containers from China Manufacturer - Honokage

Honokage, one of China's leading manufacturers of IML plastic containers, presents a diverse range of in-mold labeling (IML) plastic storage options. 

These environmentally friendly IML plastic packages are crafted from recyclable polypropylene (PP).

China IML container manufacturer Honokage's IML containers are widely used in various products and industries, such as IML dairy packaging containers, IML plastic ice cream containers, IML butter containers, IML yogurt cups, IML cream cheese, IML coffee packaging, IML cookie containers , IML pet food storage, IML home storage packaging, IML garden and planting packaging containers, etc. IML packaging is the best choice whether for food or daily chemicals, agriculture and household applications because of the many advantages and benefits that it offers for IML Storage containers of different shapes.

Types of Standard IML Containers from Honokage

In-Mould Labelling (IML), referred to as IML, involves placing pre-printed labels or decorations into a mold before injecting plastic, fusing the label with the product during the molding process. 

IML containers are security and protected from anti-counterfeiting, as the label cannot peeled off. 

No secondary processing is required, it can be produced in large quantities, achieves fast delivery, saves inventory space between molding and decoration, and is cost-effective. 

IML containers are mainly used in the dairy and food industries, but with the development of technology, pet food storage containers or paint buckets are gradually starting to use IML storage containers.

Learning Centre

1. The difference between IML containers and traditional containers:

IML (In-Mold Labeling) containers and traditional containers differ primarily in their labeling process and durability of the label.

IML containers have their labels applied during the molding process. A pre-printed label is placed in the mold, and then the molten plastic is injected into the mold, bonding the label directly to the container. This results in a seamless, durable, and scratch-resistant label that is an integral part of the container. IML containers often have high-quality graphics and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance compared to traditional containers.

On the other hand, traditional containers typically have labels applied after the molding process. Labels are usually adhered to the container's surface using adhesives. While traditional labeling methods are simpler and can accommodate various container shapes and sizes, the labels might be prone to wear and tear, peeling, or fading over time, especially when exposed to harsh conditions like moisture or frequent handling.

In summary, the main difference lies in how the labels are applied: IML containers integrate the label into the container during the molding process, offering durability and a seamless appearance, while traditional containers have labels applied externally, which may be less durable and more susceptible to damage.

2. Benifits of In Mould Labled Plastic Storage Containers:

In-Mold Labeled (IML) plastic storage containers offer several advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: IML technology reduces the need for additional labeling processes, streamlining production and potentially lowering overall costs.

Durability: The label is molded directly into the container, making it more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the label stays intact even with repeated use or exposure to various conditions.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness: The integration of the label into the container eliminates the need for additional adhesive materials, making the packaging more recyclable and reducing environmental impact. In-Mold Labeling containers can be turned into plastic parts which are produced by recycled pp, because they are fully recyclable, which can help reduce carbon footprints and have a positive effect on the environment.

Lightweight: IML containers tend to be lighter than traditional labeled containers, which can be advantageous for transportation and handling while maintaining strength and durability.

IML(in-mold-label) Containers production workflow introduction:

IML ice cream packaging

02 IML ice cream packaging

Honokage is one of the main IML Ice Cream Container manufacturers for the New Zealand and south America market. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we specialise in the development of exclusive, customised IML packaging that meet our customer requirements. Ice cream industry needs IML(In-mold-labeling) solution for their ice cream tub container, We are the expert in IML PROCESS, especially concerning the Ice Cream Industry because we use the latest ultra-modern technology that directly fuses with the label, forming the shape of the mold while in its curing process. This eventually leads to the perfection in label and packaging becoming an integrated entity.We specialize in personalized IML ice cream containers, ice cream tubs and ice cream cups. IML Ice Cream Packaging has the following features:Suitable for direct food contact, FDA approval materialAvailable in transparent, or solid coloured (upon demand)High-quality decoration alternatives, IML printing, labels can also be supplied premium metallic gold color, the glossy silver, transparent glossy, transparent matte, complex white orange peel, standard matte and glossy.IML Mold labels scratch resistant, resist humidity and are not afraid of big temperature changes, attractive brandingPlastic rigid tub,Tamper-evident and eco-friendlyMinimum temperature resistance: -40℃100% Recyclable, environmentally, -friendly helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goalsCustom Ice Cream Packaging ManufacturersAs a high-quality custom iml ice cream containers manufacturer, we take pride in producing high-quality ice cream containers that are perfect for storing and showcasing your frozen ice cream. Custom Printed Ice Cream Containers Boxes/Cups/TubsAvailable in various sizes, including 125ml, 400ml, 500ml, 700ml, and more.- Lead Time 4 weeks- IML Printing- Minimum Order 50000PCS.We also offer custom ice cream containers that can be customised to your specific needs, including different shapes, such as round, oval, square ice cream tubs and containers sizes, and colors to suit your brand. We take pride in ensuring that your product remains fresh and secure with our tamper-evident tubs. Our containers are designed to provide peace of mind to both you and your customers, ensuring that the ice cream stays fresh and unadulterated until it reaches the consumer. Our packaging is also environmentally friendly, made from recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard, and paper, which reduces their impact on the environment. At Honokage, we also offer innovative and clear packaging options, which allow your customers to easily see and appreciate the quality of your product. Our clear ice cream packaging ensures that your product is presented in a way that is both visually appealing and practical, making it an excellent marketing tool for your brand.

IML Butter & Margarine Packaging

03 IML Butter & Margarine Packaging

Honokage Packaging is a margarine & butter container manufacturer and specializes in the production of IML margarine & butter packaging.Butter and Margarine Packaging Containers High-Quality Containers for Fresh Products. Our butter and margarine packaging containers are only available in bulk and wholesale quantities, ensuring you have an ample supply for your needs. Additionally, we offer butter and margarine custom printing options to help you showcase your brand.Butter & Margarine Packaging WholesaleBulk and wholesale ordering information:Payment Terms: 30% T/T deposit, 70% against BOL copySample: Free within 20 piecesPackaging Details: Factory customized sample packagingDelivery time: 4 weeksSupply Ability: 60 *40HQ contianers/monthMin. Order Quantity: 50000PCSHigh-Quality Containers for Fresh Butter & MargarineExplore our extensive range of butter packages and packaging solutions crafted to preserve the freshness and flavor of your dairy products. Our butter containers are meticulously designed to meet the most stringent industry standards.Dependable and Long-Lasting MaterialsOur butter and margarine packaging is crafted from high-quality plastic materials such as PP (polypropylene), ensuring durability, health safety, and BPA-Free properties. These containers are built to withstand refrigeration, preserving the freshness of your products.Convenient Storage and ProtectionIdeal for dairy and milk products, our containers offer convenient storage and optimal protection. Each container features a secure lid, ensuring your products remain fresh and uncontaminated.Customization Solutions for Your BrandWe provide customizable butter packaging solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Our IML technology allows us to customize the size, shape, color, and capacity of the packaging containers to meet your needs, perfect for wholesale and bulk orders. Elevate your brand with our custom logo and custom printed food packaging options. Step into the spotlight within your market, courtesy of packaging that not only mirrors your distinctive identity but also amplifies the visibility of your products.Various Sizes and DesignsSelect from an extensive array of sizes and designs, including butter tubs, margarine tubs, and small margarine tubs. Our versatile containers lend themselves to diverse applications, such as body butter packaging or as serving dishes.If you are looking for high-quality margarine&butter packaging containers, look no further than Honokage. We offer a wide range of customizable IML margarine & butter packagings to meet your specific requirements, and our team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.To place your order, simply contact us today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

IML yogurt packaging

04 IML yogurt packaging

Yogurt Cup and Container Manufacturers and SupplierHonokage is a yogurt cup manufacturer and supplier, specializing in IML plastic yogurt packaging. With a over 25 years manufacturing history, we offer wholesale yogurt cups known for our high quality and competitive factory prices. Our expertise in plastic yogurt cups positions us as a trusted provider, ensuring that customers receive the best combination of product excellence and cost-effectiveness.Eco-Friendly Yogurt Cups Packaging SolutionsExplore our extensive selection of yogurt packaging tailored to fulfill the diverse requirements of the dairy sector. Our expertise lies in delivering inventive and eco-friendly and sustainable yogurt packaging solutions for yogurt, available in a variety of sizes and designs.High quality yogurt packaging for Turkish and Greek cuisineWe have custom-designed containers specifically to preserve the freshness and flavor of Turkish and Greek yogurt. We offer a range of packaging solutions, including environmentally friendly, BPA-free, and biodegradable options made from materials such as plastic (PP), suitable for both freezing and storing yogurt.Use environmentally friendly and recyclable materialsWe specialize in providing sustainable yogurt packaging solutions with an emphasis on eco-friendliness. Our eco-friendly yogurt packaging is made of recyclable environmentally friendly plastic (PP), reducing carbon emissions while keeping the product fresh and attractive.Custom yogurt containers help promote your brandElevate your brand with our custom yogurt cups designed to make you stand out. Tailor the experience with personalized colors, sizes, shapes, and printed logos that uniquely represent your brand. Our customization options ensure that your yogurt cups not only preserve the freshness of your product but also serve as a distinctive and eye-catching extension of your brand identity. We offer a diverse range of sizes and designs to cater to various preferences. For the yogurt cups, we have a wide range size from 70ml to 2.2L and has an attractive design , they are literally unlimited decoration options in shades, print quality and texture. Matte, velvety, glossy or transparent look, metallic or even paper feel texture and appearance give an upgraded, unique experience to consumers, priming them for high quality content.An easily reusable yogurt cups packaging solution that offers convenience.Our yogurt packaging is crafted for convenience and reusability. From yogurt-to-go containers with an attached lid and a built-in spoon to containers along with handy handle, it offers a practical solution for enjoying your favorite yogurt on-the-way. The innovative design allows customers to effortlessly indulge in their preferred yogurt flavors during their travels, ensuring ease and satisfaction with every spoonful.Wholesale Yogurt Cups Suppliers for Bulk OrdersAs trusted wholesale yogurt cup suppliers, we boast a robust production capacity of 60 * 40HQ containers per month, ensuring seamless fulfillment of bulk orders. Count on us to provide high-quality yogurt cups in large quantities. Additionally, we offer the convenience of free samples, allowing you to assess our products before making bulk purchase decisions. Contact us today to learn more about how Honokage can simplify your yogurt packaging needs.FAQ1. Q: What is the origin of plastic yogurt cups?A: The origin of plastic yogurt cups can be traced back to the need for packaging and preserving dairy products. The development of plastic yogurt cups stems from the demand to replace traditional glass or ceramic containers. Their lightweight, durability, ease of production, and relatively low cost make them an ideal choice for yogurt packaging. Plastic materials also have the advantage of insulating air and keeping food fresh, further contributing to their widespread application in yogurt packaging.2. Q: What are the characteristics of plastic yogurt cups?A: Plastic yogurt cups have the following characteristics:Lightweight: Plastic yogurt cups are relatively light, making them convenient for carrying and usage.Durability: Plastic materials have a certain level of durability, protecting the food from external environmental influences.Cost-effectiveness: Plastic products are often more economical, reducing production and packaging costs.Transparency: Plastic materials typically have good transparency, allowing consumers to clearly see the texture and color of the yogurt.Sealing: Plastic yogurt cups can provide good sealing, helping to maintain the freshness of the yogurt.Recyclability: Some plastic yogurt cup materials can be recycled, contributing to reduced environmental impact.3. Q: What is IML (In-Mold Labeling) plastic yogurt cups?A: IML (In-Mold Labeling) is an injection molding technology that embeds labels directly into plastic products during the manufacturing process, rather than applying labels after the product is formed. IML plastic yogurt cups use this technology to mold the label into the cup during production. This method produces yogurt cups with exquisite appearance, durability, and high-quality printing. IML technology makes the patterns and labels more wear-resistant, less prone to fading, and offers greater design freedom. This results in yogurt cups that are more attractive in appearance, contributing to brand promotion.4. Q: What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale yogurt cups?A: 50000PCS.5. Can I order a mix of different yogurt cup sizes and designs within a single wholesale order?A: Of cours.6. What is the lead time for fulfilling wholesale orders?A: Approximately 4 weeks, depending on quantity.

IML dips and sauce packaging

06 IML dips and sauce packaging

Dip sauce packagingHonokage supply dip sauce packaging to companies with a wide range of condiment packaging solutions, including chocolate, spice, syrups, pastes, pate and spreads packagings. A variety of features such as tamper evidence, clip on lids or heat seals. IML packaging is stackable and requires 80% less shelf space than metal cans. It is also shatterproof and up to 90% lighter than conventional glass jars.Reusable and ConvenientExperience the convenience of our reusable and BPA-Free sauce containers, designed with your health and safety in mind. Crafted from premium PP material, these containers are not only durable but also ideal for use in lunch boxes or bento boxes. Our commitment to sustainability means you can trust that our products are environmentally friendly.Available in a range of sizes, including 150ml, 250ml, 500ml and more, our containers are perfect for all your portion needs. Say goodbye to single-use plastics and embrace a more sustainable approach to packaging with our reusable sauce containers.Customizable OptionsElevate your packaging with our customizable sauce containers. Personalize your containers with custom colors and logos, allowing you to stand out and align perfectly with your brand's identity. Choose from a variety of colors, including clear, red, or other vibrant options to match your brand or style.Our condiment cups with lids are not only visually appealing but also practical for packaging and serving various condiments, BBQ sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and more. Whether you're looking to add a personal touch to your packaging or seeking a cohesive brand image, our customizable options are the perfect solution.Explore our wholesale collection of plastic sauce containers today and discover the ideal packaging solution for your sauces!

IML Containers FAQs

What is IML?

In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a process where pre-printed labels are placed inside a mold before the plastic container is formed, creating a seamless label-container integration.

What are the benefits of IML containers?

IML containers offer vibrant, durable, and high-resolution labeling, resistance to moisture and scratches, and the ability to withstand varying temperatures, making them ideal for various industries.

Can IML containers be recycled?

Yes, most IML containers are recyclable as they are typically made from materials like polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which are widely accepted in recycling streams.

Are IML containers suitable for food packaging?

Absolutely, IML containers are commonly used in food packaging due to their food-grade materials, ability to resist moisture, and excellent label adhesion.

Can IML containers be customized?

Yes, IML containers offer extensive customization options in terms of label design, container shape, size, and color, allowing businesses to create unique packaging solutions.

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