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IML cream cheese packaging

IML cream cheese packaging

Cream Cheese Packaging Containers

The cream cheese is one of the best dairy products acquired by fermenting regular cream. Honokage cream cheee packaging with IML technology enhances the lead time of cream cheese freshness for a longer time.The entire process of manufacturing cream cheese packages is eco-friendly.

Honokage Packaging specializes in manufacturing plastic containers, particularly plastic cream cheese containers and lids. 

We manufacture and wholesale cream cheese cup and containers and lids. Our food-grade packaging is leak-proof, durable even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be customized with IML printing. Made from PP raw material, our plastic food packages are suitable for food and come with ISO quality certificates, ensuring they are BPA free. 

We offer deli containers in various sizes. If you cannot find the specific product you need, please visit our contact page.

Please note that the product images displayed are examples and can be personalized with your preferred color and logo.

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