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Well-designed IML packaging can dramatically increase sales and the success of your product. We're sharing 10 examples of our best IML packaging design—and the strategies behind them that make them effective. Successful package design isn't just about looking attractive or following the latest design trends, it's about motivating shoppers to pick up a product off the shelf, or click on its thumbnail online or in social media, and put it into their shopping cart—physical or virtual. You can take these insider packaging industry strategies and impart them into your brand packaging. What is the best food packaging ever? We think the following examples are pretty awesome. Read on to find out tips for designing great IML packaging.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoy these 10 food packaging trends you need to be aware of in 2023. These are some of our best food package design strategies that you can apply to packaging challenges you may face in your own food brand. If you’re wondering, Where can I find a good food package designer? Get started here.

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