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Custom Printed Food Packaging Containers

Custom printed food packaging, turn your ideas into reality

We specialize in custom printing of plastic food containers, and our packaging professionals gather key information and share our experiences so that you can benefit from our insights. Our designers can make your ideas a reality through 3D drawings.

Custom Printed Plastic Food Containers

Custom printed packaging, including IML (In-Mold Labeling) printed containers, provide a tailored solution for showcasing your brand, making them an excellent choice for storing and transporting frozen yogurt, ice cream, cookies, butter, and other food products, effectively gaining customer recognition through personalized packaging.

Understand the process of iml customized food packaging

Custom printed packaging wholesale

  1. At our food packaging wholesaler, we offer reusable and disposable options that are ideal for storing and transporting food. Available sizes, including small, large, 80 ml, 125ml, 150ml and 200ml, make it easy to choose the right container for your product. 

  2. There is a minimum order quantity requirement for wholesale custom printed food packaging. The minimum order quantity for most sizes of food containers is 50,000 pieces.

  3. Materials: Polypropylene (PP).

  4. Manufacturing Technology:IML - In-Mould Labelling

  5. Custom printed lids available.

  6. Lead Time:  4 weeks.

Our Custom Printed Plastic Food Containers are a great way to leave a high-quality, lasting impression!

1. What are custom printed plastic food containers?

Custom printed plastic food containers are packaging solutions made from plastic that can be personalized with your brand's design, logo, or other graphics. They are commonly used for storing and displaying various food products.

2. Can I order custom printed plastic food containers in bulk?

Yes, most manufacturers offer bulk ordering options to accommodate your business's needs.

3. What custom printing method do we use?

We use advanced iml in-mold printing method. In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a popular and efficient method for decorating and labeling plastic products during the manufacturing process. It involves placing a pre-printed label or decoration inside a mold before injecting the plastic material. When the plastic cools and solidifies, the label becomes an integral part of the product.

4. Are there any customized cases?

Of course, we customize printed food packaging for well-known brands such as Nestlé, Disney, and Luckin.

5. What are the advantages of using custom printed plastic food containers?

Branding: Custom printing allows you to promote your brand and enhance product visibility.

Versatility: These containers come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for a wide range of food items.

Durability: Plastic containers are resistant to moisture, ensuring food freshness.

Tamper-Evident: Some containers can be equipped with tamper-evident features for added safety.

6. Is it possible to include nutritional information or barcodes on the containers?

Yes, you can include essential product information like nutritional facts, barcodes, and expiration dates as part of the custom printing process.

7. Can I order custom printed plastic food containers in bulk?

Yes, most manufacturers offer bulk ordering options to accommodate your business's needs.

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Custom Printed Food Packaging Containers

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