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Suppliers of IML decorated packaging (In-Mould Labeling)

IML ( In-Mould Labeling )

We manufacture high-quality PP injection-molded packaging with IML decoration. By utilizing the In-Mold Labeling (IML) system, we achieve offset quality decoration that covers 360 degrees, making a significant impact on the supermarket shelf.

IML ( In-Mould Labeling ),

making a difference on the supermarket shelf

We utilize the IML (In-Mold Labeling) technique to enhance the visual appeal of our packaging, creating a significant impact on the supermarket shelf. During the manufacturing process, IML labels are seamlessly integrated with the packaging through simultaneous application during injection molding. The result is a fully decorated container with 360-degree coverage that resembles direct printing.

Once the label and packaging are merged, they cannot be separated or damaged, ensuring complete security and flawless management throughout the entire lifecycle, including filling, transportation, point of sale, and consumption.

Compared to other decoration methods like screen printing, sleeves, or adhesive labels, IML decoration simplifies the process by eliminating the labeling stage while providing all the advantages associated with IML labels.

  • High quality Offset printing.

  • Highly attractive on the supermarket shelf thanks to being perceived as direct printing on the container itself.

  • Labels cannot be removed or torn.

  • Since the packaging is already decorated, they provide significant savings by removing the entire labelling stage and the required equipment.

  • It can also adapt to different shapes and die cuts (circular, square, customised shapes, to name a few).

Our IML injection moulded packaging is manufactured from a single material.

Not only the container and lid, but also the labels are made from PP, allowing them to be recycled jointly as they do not include any other materials or complex structures that could hamper recyclability. 

In addition, thanks to its high-quality printing, IML labels may be used to display information and advice regarding how to recycle our packaging. We recommend using the "Yellow Bin" logo since all our injection moulded packaging is recyclable when deposited into the yellow containers. It is also advisable to include warnings reminding users that the container can be recycled and, where applicable, whether it contains any recycled or bio-based material.

Our IML injection-molded packaging is designed to be recyclable and consists of a single material. Both the container, lid, and labels are made from PP, enabling them to be recycled together without any complications or mixed materials that could hinder the recycling process.

Furthermore, the high-quality printing of IML labels allows us to display recycling information and guidelines on our packaging. We recommend incorporating the "Yellow Bin" logo as all our injection-molded packaging can be recycled when placed in the appropriate yellow recycling containers. It is also advisable to include warnings to remind users about the recyclability of the container and, if applicable, whether it contains any recycled or bio-based materials.

Looking for high quality decoration for your packaging?

IML decoration presents a remarkable method wherein the label and packaging seamlessly merge during the injection molding process, creating a unified entity that appears to customers as if it were directly printed on the surface. The multitude of advantages offered by IML has transformed our packaging into a powerful branding and marketing tool, playing a crucial role in persuading customers to purchase a product.

IML packaging provides the opportunity for 360-degree decoration, accommodating the unique geometric shape of the packaging itself, while also offering substantial cost savings.

Suppliers of IML decorated packaging (In-Mould Labeling)

At Henglong, we understand that every brand has unique requirements. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to develop tailored IML solutions that meet your specific needs.

From concept development to production, we ensure accurate communication of your design vision, resulting in packaging that aligns perfectly with your brand image.

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