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Injection Molding IML

Injection Molding IML is a production processes of in mold labeling. The injection molding process is based on injecting material into a mold. The technique is most commonly performed with thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

During the injection molding process an amount of heated liquid mass is injected under high pressure into a mold. The mass cools off and solidifies in the shape of the mold. Injection molding is used for all kinds of containers, such as butter tubs and yogurt pots.

What is Injection Molding IML?

Injection molding is the most popular in-mold labeling method. It involves heating plastic material and injecting it into a mold for it to cool. As the injection takes place, the molten polymer merges with the in-mold label seamlessly. Consequently, a beautifully adorned packaging component is manufactured in a single, efficient step. 

Injection in-mold labeling represents a cost-effective solution with remarkable design flexibility. This innovative approach offers enduring product labeling solutions while significantly boosting productivity.

The integration of labeling during the molding cycle eliminates the need for post labeling and other secondary processes, streamlining the manufacturing workflow.

Numerous plastic containers leverage the advantages of injection molding, such as the popular ice cream tubs. Additionally, products like computer keyboards, cell phone keypads, and smaller plastic paint buckets also benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of injection in-mold labeling.


Injection Molding IML

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