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IML yogurt packaging

1kg Plastic Round Yogurt Container with Handle

Suitable for direct food contact, FDA approval material

Specifications of 1kg Plastic Round Yogurt Container with Handle

Honokage item no.:03-015
Description:1kg Plastic IML round Yogurt container with handle
Brimful Volume:1045ML
Serving Capacity:1kg
Material:Polypropylene (PP)
Manufacturing Technology:IML - In-Mould Labelling
Product Dimension:Caliber Diameter: Φ105.6mm
Max External Diameter: Φ117.6mm, height 140.0mm
Container loading:20GP: 45, 120pcs, 40HQ: 116, 120pcs
Carton QTY:lid 960pcs/480*480*290mm/carton, tub 240pcs/490*490*415mm/ carton
Minimum Order:30000 sets
Ideal For:Yogurt
Feature: Frozen, Safety Lock

Features & Benefits of 1kg Plastic Round Yogurt Container with Handle:

Suitable for direct food contact, FDA approval material

Round shape IML Yogurt container with rigid lid and handle, Safety Lock, with tamper evident lid

Available in transparent, or solid coloured (upon demand)

High-quality decoration alternatives, IML printing, labels can also be supplied  premium metallic gold color, the glossy silver, transparent glossy, transparent matte, complex  white orange peel, standard matte and glossy.

IML Mold labels scratch resistant, resist humidity and are not afraid of big temperature changes, attractive branding

Available in multilayer PP/EVOH/PP for ambient longer life applications

Withstands hot-filling & high temperature processes such as pasteurisation and sterilisation

Temperature resistance: -40℃~121 ℃, suitable for microwave cooking and reheating

100% Recyclable, environmentally, -friendly helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals

Fast leading time, can save time on preparation for packaging order delivery

1kg Round Plastic Yogurt Container With Handle Use Information

This 1kg round plastic yogurt container with a convenient handle is designed to ensure optimal usage and preservation of its contents. The container comes with detailed guidance for its ideal usage, promoting its longevity and practicality.

●Storage conditions: It is recommended to store the container in a dry environment at room temperature.

●Moisture proof: The container is specifically crafted to be moisture-proof, safeguarding the yogurt or any other contents from moisture-related damage, thus preserving its taste and texture.

●Care Guidelines: Handle the plastic yogurt container with care to prevent inversion, pollution, or breakage.

●Applicable temperature range: The container is suitable for usage within a temperature range of -18 to 40°C, allowing flexibility in storage conditions without compromising the quality of the yogurt.

●Branding: This container provides ample space for branding, allowing companies to showcase their logos, product information, or other branding elements, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

●Sustainbility: This container emphasizes sustainability and is 100% recyclable, taking environmental factors into consideration to minimize the impact on the environment.

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