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IML yogurt packaging

8oz Plastic Rectangular Yogurt Container with Rigid lid and Spoon

Honokage 8oz Yogurt Container with Lid and Spoon is the perfect solution for your yogurt packaging needs. 

Made of pp plastic, these container cups are durable and come with a secure lid and convenient spoon to ensure your ice cream stays fresh, uncontaminated and convenient to use.

03-021 Yogurt Container is manufactured by injection molding. 

Colors and patterns are customizable, with custom printing on the bucket and its lid based on the customer's IML artwork. 

The solution remains robust at extremely low temperatures, including -40°C.

Our yogurt cups are available for wholesale purchase, allowing you to save money by buying in bulk. 

Whether you're a yogurt shop, restaurant, or caterer, these cups are a great option for serving individual portions of yogurt.

Specifications of 8oz Rectangular IML Plastic Yogurt Container With Lid And Spoon

Honokage item no.:03-021
Description:8oz Plastic rectangular Yogurt container with rigid lid and little spoon
Brimful Volume:315ML
Serving Capacity:8oz
Material:Polypropylene (PP)
Manufacturing Technology:IML - In-Mould Labelling
Product Dimension:Caliber Diameter: L110.6*W61.6mm
Max External Diameter: L120*W71mm, height 49.0mm
Container loading:20GP: 122, 000pcs, 40HQ: 302, 000pcs
Carton QTY:lid 1000pcs/520*400*385mm/carton, tub 500pcs/ 500*375*345mm/ carton
Minimum Order:120000 sets
Ideal For:Yogurt, pudding, jelly, butter, margarine, ice cream, Chocolates, snack, spread, cheese, Sauces, Pets food, Convenience Store, food

Get Our 8oz Plastic Rectangular Yogurt Container For Wholesale Purchase! Made Of Plastic With Spoon In Lid, Perfect For Small Servings. Buy In Bulk Now.

Features & Benefits:

Suitable for direct food contact, FDA approval material

Rectangular shape Yogurt container with rigid lid and little spoon

Available in transparent, or solid coloured (upon demand)

Available in multilayer PP/EVOH/PP for ambient longer life applications

Withstands hot-filling & high temperature processes such as pasteurisation and sterilisation

Temperature resistance: -40℃~121 ℃, suitable for microwave cooking and reheating

100% Recyclable, environmentally, -friendly helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals

Fast leading time, can save time on preparation for packaging order delivery

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With the continuous expansion of the IML packagings production line, we built the second GMP workshop 1000 square meters with another 12 sets high speed injection machine with full aumatic systems. Awarded National high-tech enterprise.

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