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8 New Trends Of Global Food Consumption In 2023!

Dec. 05, 2022

Here is the list of 8 new trends in global food consumption for the year 2023:

1. Health Consciousness: The latest trend of 2023 is expected to increase customers' health consciousness. This is one of the Covid-19 pandemic repercussions. Customers will become demanding for those products that are nutritious. To begin with, customers will get attracted to the packaging. This will increase the responsibility of packaging suppliers and In Mold Labeling container manufacturers to provide the best quality containers. Chinese Packaging Factory will work towards BRC Certification ((Brand Reputation through Compliance) for their products.

2. Increase In Functional Snacks: Most Chinese Packaging Factory and packaging suppliers will have to concentrate on In Mold Labeling Containers for functional foods. Customers will also look for BRC Certification for their food items.

3. Organic Food: The customers will prefer organic food items. They have realized the hazardous effects of air pollution and bad air quality problems. Hence, Chinese Packaging Factory & and food packaging suppliers must produce eco-friendly In Mold Labeling containers & different types of packaging containers.

4. Pet Health: Not only the consumers prefer BRC certification for their food consumption, but they also look forward to the best pet food. This will increase the demand for functional pet food, thus directly impacting the Chinese Packaging Factory to provide the best quality In Mold Labeling containers for pet food. The packaging suppliers must give natural, organic, and cleanly labeled pet food items.

5. Customized Nutrition: Technological advancement has given birth to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customers make use of AI for their personalized nutrition customization. Hence, Chinese Packaging Factory can use In Mold Labeling containers to display the exact nutrients of contents on the label. Most packaging suppliers have to adhere to BRC certification for their own products.

6. Product Traceability: More than 93% of parents born after 1980 strongly believe in product traceability. It is the process of locating the products via the supply chain. The packaging containers will play an important role. The Chinese Packaging Factory should not only opt for BRC certification but also work towards In Mold labeling containers and pass on the importance of containers to all the packaging suppliers.

7. Increase In The Importance Of Local Food Items: Customers have shown greater faith in local food items. One of the crucial reasons is nostalgia for food items with preservatives. Hence it is the responsibility of all the packaging suppliers & Chinese Packaging Factory to approach local food item manufacturers and convey the importance of In Mold labeling containers and BRC certification.

8. One exciting study of consumers shows the following facts:

· 62% of the consumers give importance to the products that account for humanism.

· 56% of the consumers value brand inclusiveness.

· 53% of consumers give preference to product diversification.

8 New Trends Of Global Food Consumption In 2023!

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