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Comparison of Thermoformed PET Shrink Sleeves for Butter Containers and Injection Molded IML PP Butter Containers

Jul. 26, 2023

Thermoformed PET Shrink Sleeves (for Butter Containers):


1.Cost-effective production: Thermoforming processes are generally more affordable for small to medium production volumes.

2.Lightweight: PET is inherently lighter than PP, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.

3.Transparency: PET offers excellent clarity, allowing consumers to view the product inside the container easily.

4.Shrinkage capability: PET can be easily molded and shrunk tightly around the butter container, providing a snug fit and tamper-evident seal.

5.Customization: Thermoforming allows for various shapes and sizes of containers to meet specific branding needs.

6.Recyclable: PET is widely recyclable, promoting sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.


1.Lower durability: PET may be more prone to cracking or breaking compared to PP.

 2.Limited heat resistance: PET has a lower heat resistance, which might be an issue for some applications.

 3.Chemical sensitivity: PET may not be compatible with certain products, potentially affecting the butter's quality.


Injection Molded IML PP Butter Containers:


1.Enhanced durability: PP containers are generally more robust and less likely to crack or break during handling and transportation.

2.High heat resistance: PP can withstand higher temperatures, making it suitable for hot-fill applications.

3.Chemical resistance: PP is less sensitive to chemicals, ensuring the butter's integrity remains intact. 

4.Efficient production: Injection molding enables high-volume production with consistent quality.

5.In-mold labeling (IML): PP containers can be directly decorated during the molding process, eliminating additional labeling steps.

6.Reusability: PP containers can be reused for various purposes after washing, promoting sustainability.



1.Higher production costs: Injection molding setup and tooling expenses can be significant for small-scale production runs.

2.Limited transparency: PP is less transparent than PET, making it harder for consumers to see the product inside.

3.Recycling challenges: While PP is recyclable, it may not be as widely accepted for recycling as PET in some regions.

The choice between thermoformed PET shrink sleeves and injection molded IML PP containers depends on factors such as production volume, budget constraints, desired container characteristics, and environmental considerations.  Honokage focus on the IML rigid plastic injection packagings ,if you need any more IML solution, please feel free to contact with us .

 Comparison of Thermoformed PET Shrink Sleeves for Butter Containers and Injection Molded IML PP Butter Containers

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