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IML ice cream packaging

IML ice cream packaging

Honokage is one of the main IML Ice Cream Container manufacturers for the New Zealand and south America market. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we specialise in the development of exclusive, customised IML packaging that meet our customer requirements. Ice cream industry needs IML(In-mold-labeling) solution for their ice cream tub container, We are the expert in IML PROCESS, especially concerning the Ice Cream Industry because we use the latest ultra-modern technology that directly fuses with the label, forming the shape of the mold while in its curing process. This eventually leads to the perfection in label and packaging becoming an integrated entity.

We specialize in personalized IML ice cream containers, ice cream tubs and ice cream cups. IML Ice Cream Packaging has the following features:

  • Suitable for direct food contact, FDA approval material

  • Available in transparent, or solid coloured (upon demand)

  • High-quality decoration alternatives, IML printing, labels can also be supplied premium metallic gold color, the glossy silver, transparent glossy, transparent matte, complex white orange peel, standard matte and glossy.

  • IML Mold labels scratch resistant, resist humidity and are not afraid of big temperature changes, attractive branding

  • Plastic rigid tub,Tamper-evident and eco-friendly

  • Minimum temperature resistance: -40℃

  • 100% Recyclable, environmentally, -friendly helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals

Ice Cream Packaging Manufacturers

As a high-quality iml ice cream containers manufacturer, we take pride in producing high-quality ice cream containers that are perfect for storing and showcasing your frozen ice cream. 

Our range of ice cream containers come in various sizes, including 125ml, 400ml, 500ml, 700ml, and more, making ice cream containers ideal for wholesale and bulk orders.

We also offer custom ice cream containers that can be customised to your specific needs, including different shapes, such as round, oval, square ice cream tubs and containers sizes, and colors to suit your brand. We take pride in ensuring that your product remains fresh and secure with our tamper-evident tubs. Our containers are designed to provide peace of mind to both you and your customers, ensuring that the ice cream stays fresh and unadulterated until it reaches the consumer. Our packaging is also environmentally friendly, made from recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard, and paper, which reduces their impact on the environment. At Honokage, we also offer innovative and clear packaging options, which allow your customers to easily see and appreciate the quality of your product. Our clear ice cream packaging ensures that your product is presented in a way that is both visually appealing and practical, making it an excellent marketing tool for your brand.

Why choose Honokage?

Honokage specialize in IML container, has 6 production workshops and a warehouse of 25,000 square meters, We have 33 patents and several invention patents in the IML field. And company has passed BRC (Class A), SEDEX, FDA, ISO9001 and, ISO14001 management system certification.

Whether you’re looking for ice cream containers, ice cream tubs and ice cream cups, we’ve got you covered. Our ice cream packaging containers are made from high-quality materials, customizable, and affordable. Wholesale from us today and find the perfect packaging for your ice cream!

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