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Prefabricated dishes, occupying the New Year's Eve dinner of Chinese young people!

Feb. 24, 2024

In the past, pre made dishes were beaten and killed, but this year they have become a popular choice for young people's New Year's Eve dinner.

In order to meet the convenience and speed needs of young people, the packaging of pre made dishes has become increasingly important. Customized packaging boxes have become a trend in prefabricated vegetable packaging. Customized packaging boxes can be designed based on the characteristics and brand image of pre made dishes, enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the product.

As prefabricated vegetable packaging box supplier, we have many choices in the market. We provide packaging boxes of various materials, shapes, and sizes to meet the needs of different pre made food brands. We provide customized services, designing and producing according to customer requirements. IML box is a common prefabricated vegetable packaging box that uses injection molding technology and has excellent heat and cold resistance, suitable for various cooking methods and storage conditions.

In fact, as the post-80s and post-90s generations became the main consumers in households, they gradually took over the responsibility of purchasing New Year's goods and making "New Year's Eve dinners", which further promoted the popularity of pre made dishes and New Year's Eve dinners.

The past year of 2023 was a highlight year for pre made dishes.In February, the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in the Key Work of Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization in 2023 were released, which mentioned "improving the standardization and standardization level of industries such as clean vegetables and central kitchens, and cultivating and developing the pre made vegetable industry.". This is the first time that prefabricated dishes have been written into No. 1 central document.

Meanwhile, pre made dishes have also gained the love of capital. Since 2021, multiple enterprises have obtained large amounts of financing. Among them, Dingweitai, Leyaju, and Wangjiadu Food have all received financing of billions of yuan; Zhenwei Xiaomei Garden, Sanwu Youcai, Frozen Food Wharf, Youyu Prefabricated Vegetables, etc. have also received financing of tens of millions of yuan. The brand Wei Zhi Xiang, which focuses on pre made dishes, was successfully launched in 2021. Most of these enterprises engage in both B2B and C-end businesses.

According to the "2023 Chinese New Year Gift Box Consumer Behavior Insight Report" released by iMedia Consulting, pre made dishes have become one of the top ten types of Chinese New Year gift boxes for the first time. 26.91% of surveyed users choose to purchase pre made dishes as New Year goods, and New Year dishes have become a "local specialty".

Prefabricated dishes, occupying the New Year's Eve dinner of Chinese young people!

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