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Transforming food waste into treasure

Feb. 23, 2024

Nowadays, more and more brands are participating in the team of "turning waste into treasure". Between 2017 and 2021, the annual compound growth rate of new food and beverage products with "upgrade and reconstruction" claims worldwide has reached 69%.

How to deal with these garbage has become an important issue. IML packaging technology is a new type of packaging technology that can turn food waste into treasure.

Plastic cookie bucket, ice cream boxes, and plastic butter tubs are common food waste. These wastes are usually considered difficult to handle, but through IML packaging technology, these wastes can be turned into treasure. IML packaging can convert these wastes into new packaging materials, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

In 2021, EverGrain, a subsidiary of Budweiser Group, partnered with Bright Future Foods, a subsidiary of American food manufacturer Post, to launch cookies and snacks made from brewery waste. The product is made using brewing barley protein and fiber supplied by EverGrain, as well as oats provided by Bright Future. There are four flavors available: cheddar cheese, chocolate, salty caramel, and sea salt.

In addition, in Japan, liqueur is a well-known national drink. The perennial popular Senyonggan Liquor is made with distiller's grains (wine meal) as the base, diluted with water, and flavored with granulated sugar. The alcohol content is less than 1%. It also contains various fermentation metabolites, essential amino acids and B vitamins for the human body, folic acid, niacin, and other components.

Upcycled Foods in the United States, in collaboration with Kerry Group, a leading global food ingredient company, has launched a protein chip made from upgraded grain waste, sourced from distiller's grains.

American snack brand ReGrained turns beer lees into flour and uses it as a raw material to launch three flavors of cereal bars, including chocolate coffee strong dark beer energy bars, honey cinnamon IPA beer energy bars, and blueberry sunflower season beer antioxidant bars.

RISE Products from New York collected wheat lees (a type of lees) from local breweries and, after drying, grinding, and screening, launched two types of flour: light flour from ale and pearson's lees and dark flour from porter and sito's lees. The distinct flavors of different wines bring unique colors, textures, flavors, and aromas to flour.

Upgrade, a start-up company from Switzerland, extracts protein and dietary fiber from distiller's grains to produce protein powder, fiber powder, and flour rich in protein and dietary fiber, which are used in the production of oats, baked goods, and pasta.

Population growth, climate crisis A series of problems have led to an unprecedented food crisis worldwide. Reducing food waste is urgent.

The disposal of food waste is an important issue. IML packaging technology is a new type of packaging technology that can turn food waste into treasure. Through IML packaging technology and other methods, we can effectively handle food waste, protect the environment, and save resources and energy

Transforming food waste into treasure

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